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Luuli Collection was fully operational in 2017. By the year 2018, Maya Haji, designer of Luuli Collection, became the sole owner of Luuli LLC.

Luuli provides eco-friendly swimwear to  modest girls and women who care about the environment and want to swim with comfort. 

Our Mission: Finest modest swimwear. We believe in setting the bar high when it comes to modest swimwear by providing quality fabrics, colors, and styles. We know it’s frustrating to find modest swimwear. Luuli is here to end the frustration and make shopping for swimwear fun again. Environmentally friendly swimwear is just bland and expensive, but Luuli is here to change that. Feel good about buying not only because of the fabrics, but the different styles and colors. Luuli is not just a brand, it’s a movement

Luuli Collection is led by Maya Haji.
About The Founder: I am the owner/CEO of Luuli LLC. I was born in Somali and grew up in Kenya. I came to the United States in 1999. I went to high school and college in Minnesota. During high school, I started to get into fashion and modeling. I continued with modeling and doing fashion since. One of my other passion is working with kids with Autism since my youngest brother got diagnosed with Autism when he was 2 years old. That is what sparks my interest with mental health and Autism.

In 2017, I joined my cousin with starting Luuli Collection and in 2018 I became 100% owner of Luuli LLC. I got into this business by starting off with modeling and fall in love with clothes and creating something that can serve my community. It was hard for me during my modeling days to find a designer who understood my background and why I didn’t wear certain things. There wasn’t a lot of options, so I decided to change that. All women are beautiful; clothes and dressing up makes the woman in all of us feel empowered and confident. You are what you wear! Own it!

My plans for Luuli is to have my brand in major retail stores and be the go-to place/store/boutique for modest swimwear!


Luuli LLC

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